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A day in the life of a healthcare worker is busy, varied, never dull, and above all fun!

That’s the view of Quil Care Group’s Laura Davis, who has a group of clients she visits on a regular basis during her working day.

She says: “I have a great day when I have been on my rounds. The clients are great, they all have a sense of humour to the extent that I come home with jaw ache some days from laughing so much.”

Laura, who is 22 and comes from Market Drayton, has been working in the care industry for seven months, and started with the Quil Care Group in May.

She says there is lots of variety in her work depending on whether she is on an early shift, a late shift or a day shift, which combines the two.

During her working day, she tends to visit between seven or eight people in the Shrewsbury area.

She said: “Everyone has an assessment when they first apply for help, and then we can see how long they require us to be with them each day.

“Visits usually last between half an hour to 45 minutes, but can last up to an hour, depending on the client’s needs and the care that they have requested.

“On an early shift, we make sure people are up and dressed and their lunch is ready – if they’re not having one delivered. The late shift is more about making sure they have their tea, and helping them get ready for bed.

“It might be a case of making beds and opening the curtains while they have a shower or a wash, or if they need help washing we can do that for them too.”

She also keeps an eye on any medication the client is supposed to be taking, making sure they are taking the correct dosage at the correct time.

But she admits one of the most important things is providing a bit of company for people who might not otherwise have much human contact.

“The main thing really is you have a natter with people and have a chat about what they have been up to or what might be bothering them. Some are quite independent so they might have been out in the garden, or been down to the shops.”

You might think she would end up drinking lots of cups of tea during the day.

But she says: “I don’t drink tea or coffee – although I always get offered one. People are always a bit shocked when I say no thanks, but I don’t like tea! I always tell them I’m fine because I have a bottle of pop in the car.”

She admits she was nervous about starting work as a carer after previously working in customer service for a transport company.

“I didn’t think I was going to enjoy the work at first, I didn’t know if I had the patience for the job, but I have found the complete opposite – I really love it!

“People ask me: ‘How do you do it?’ But it’s been easy. I just imagine how me and my family would like my nan and granddad to be looked after. It’s like my family keeps growing with all these extra nans and granddads!”

Laura also says continuity is important when it comes to care.

“We have regular clients, that way we can help people establish routines and build relationships. Clients can get to know me and my personality and then they begin to open up and l can get to know them – everyone benefits! It’s no good having different healthcare people going in all the time.

“You get to know your clients really well – you should hear some of the stories they tell about what they got up to when they were my age! There are a lot of different characters and it is great to talk to them all.”

Laura has trained in all aspects of healthcare support including food and hygiene, health and safety, first aid and how to handle medication. Quil Care Group has a member of staff responsible for inducting, training and supporting their  carers.

If you would like to find out more about working with Quil Care Group and how you could make a difference to someone who needs help and support in their home, please call us on 01939 211 177.